Table Top Easels (For Beginners & Pros)

Table Top Easels ( For Beginners and Pros)

Jullian Table Top EaselsThese table top easels are created for table painting. These easels are mini reproductions of Jullian’s Studio easels. The Table Top Easels are made from oiled beechwood. The easel stands are designed with round edges and sanded to a smooth fine finish. With its convenient size it can comfortably be used for table top painting. These easels are adequate for beginners and professionals as well. Jullian Table Easels can be utilized for painting and oil painting exhibition as well.

JT4 Jullian Table Easels – This adjustable table top easel can easily hold canvases measuring up to 23½” high. The easel’s dimension is 42″H X 11¼”W X 13¼”D.

JT3 Jullian Table Easels – This table top easel folds into position and can hold canvases up 27″ high. It is practical for traveling or displaying paintings. It measures 28″H X 15¾ wide when fully extended.

JT2 Jullian Table Easels – This table stand easel can handle canvases measuring up to 12½” in high. The table top easel measures 6¼” wide and 17¾ high.