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Wall Art Paintings

Reposeful Haven

(Words By: Samantha Registrato)

Wall art paintings are more than style features. When bringing oil canvas into our space, there is a unique impact. Reposeful Haven shares in this miracle effect. When we feel drawn to bring landscape paintings into our space, we are expanding the world–the energy–of that space. Reposeful Haven is an experience that can bring you realignment every time you catch glimpse. The reflective water is still, yet alive. Calm, yet ready to bear your thoughts by boat, away between the trees. Oil on canvas is a brilliant way to relay the spiritual life of this natural scene. This oil painting is not just for you to take in… Rather, the Haven will draw you into itself.  In a world lacking peace, Reposeful Haven is ready to bring a needed, immediate outlet to your mind. The scene depicts life-presence blended with imaginative wandering in one accord.

What is “repose”? A dictionary would simplify this to a state of rest, sleep, tranquility. And some may be satisfied seeking sleep as their haven—any escape from the cares of the world. Reposeful Haven offers yet another definition. It calls us higher than our weakness wants to go, surprising us with our true strength. It calls us to re-pose. The scene leads us to re-center ourselves—like an ancient warrior, posing in their mind-centering meditation practice. When we need to find rest, a haven from the fiery arrows of life as we know it… Consider the ways of Re-Pose. Rather than react, choose to re-center. Remind yourself of who you are, what your mission is. Remind yourself of the great strength within you—connect yourself with the energy of the natural world, the spiritual world. And you will then be able to come back into your challenge with true revitalization.