Valley Lake Oil Canvas


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Valley Lake Oil Canvas

Valley Lake Oil Canvas is another beautiful painting. The ponderosa pine forest of the American Pacific Northwest inspired the Valley Lake Oil Canvas Painting. Note first of all the careful use of perspective of this mountain-lake-forest scene. The onlooker is placed behind what might be a dried waterfall or a volcanic basalt cliff. This defines the reference frame of the oil painting. He or she looks onto to a serene turquoise aqua marine lake from behind the basalt rock. The viewer’s eyes are then guided through various layers of changing color. These layers eventually leading to the icy glaciated peaks of the mountains in the distance. Eventually, our eyes meet the rosy glow of the sky interlaced with the airy summits of the final crag ridge. This interplay of ridge and skyline builds the contours of the background of the piece. Notice the manner in which the color scheme morphs and transforms to give the oil canvas character.

Details of Valley Lake

We begin with the dark near charcoal black of the dried basalt waterfall. This then leads into the relatively cool, yet much brighter marine turquoise of the lake. Next, this blue bleeds into the forest which then begins to warm in color. We leave the dark greens and enter into a more lush and organic green tone. We are now entering into the mountainous territory. In the mountains, the cooler greens begin to disappear. We find at last ourselves in the warm red glow of the sky. This is a usual feature of this artist’s work. He uses the contrast of color temperature to bring life to forest, lake, and mountain scenes. The water of the lake is the central position. The basalt rock in the foreground, and the mountain ridges in the background frame the central lake. The delicately vegetated branches add a horizontal frame of reference to the overall work.

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