The Hunter’s Territory


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The Hunter’s Territory

Words By: Samantha Registrato

Calm intensity fills the spirit of the hunter as he moves forward. His head high, his soul set on the prize. This is the Hunter’s Territory. He is the master of this land. No creature stands in his way; no person more prepared than he. He will take charge. He will prove dominant. In the Hunter’s Territory, he is safe. He is protected by strength enrobing him, awareness guiding him, wisdom falling on him from Above. He is one with the earth. He is one with himself. He is here with a purpose. In this experience of total control, he hunts for a trophy to mark the significant moment he stands in. His prize is not for love of ending a life. His prize is to bring a token back into the daily life he must navigate, back away from this place. The token will serve as a reminder of a secret place in his heart; a place mirroring this moment.

Keeping that space in his soul is vital. Looking now, he sees the vast color, intricate design. Each tone of green and its variants sing a unique note. The symphony builds as he moves forward. Yellow from the sun eventually expanding its horizon. The spectrums moving out and broaden in every angle. Then he finds orange and red filling this energy, filling his memory. He will grab this memory at any moment when he returns, bringing him back to center. Center is the space where green trees and the sounds of Earth surround, and drown out confusion and defeat. Neither can remain on the property of this memory. When he finds his trophy, the token will return with him. The memory he gained from this venture into his territory will stand strong. It will only be made stronger with his prize, in reverence, hung before him.

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