Shadow Stream Forest


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Shadow Stream Forest Alla Prima Painting

The Shadow Stream Forest Alla Prima, oil on canvas, we see a break from the artist’s typical color scheme. We do not notice here the warmer, brighter colors that we often see in his mountain shows. We, however, notice a much dimmer and greener color profile in this piece. Despite this, several of the artist’s usual themes are present. We are without doubt in a forest reminiscent of those found in the Pacific Northwest. There is a water feature, a stream, that forms a central part of the piece. There is also careful play with color to give this forest piece direction and contrast. The horizon provides a delicate story and mystery to the piece. The trees serve to frame this mystery and give the forest-stream scene its overall tranquil serenity. Note the white crests that form on the stream and on the trunks of the trees. These are the only full white present in the piece and aid to highlight the central importance of the forest stream.

Color Key Factor

Color plays a key role in building the direction and perspective of this shadow stream forest alla prima scene. The fact that the artist has chosen a cooler scheme immediately hints towards a more serene feel for the painting. Note how there are only three bright spots in the piece. First, is the reflected bushes on the stream. The second is the bright glow just at the horizon, which can be taken to be the hazy shine of the Sun. The final brighter spot in the scene can be found in the white crests of the stream. Note how the stream is the linking piece between the bright spots of the painting. The stream begins low, beside the bright green bushes, and then continues upwards towards the horizon glow. This centrality and flow given to the stream is what builds the perspective and direction of the piece. It guides the eye of the viewer through the darkness towards the light.

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