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Reflections Oil on Canvas

In Reflections artist Anthony Nunez delivers to viewers another astounding and scene. Like many of Nunez’s works, viewers can find in Reflections a tranquil natural wonderland. Once again, we can see the strong influence of the American Pacific Northwest on Nunez’s art. One of the characteristic aspects of the Pacific Northwest is the crystal blue color of its alpine and subalpine waters. This defining feature is undoubtedly present here. Lush forests, serene lakes, and bright blue skies may all be regularly found in Nunez’s works, and Reflections is by no means an exception. This peaceful calming scene is the perfect way to bring the beauty of the outdoors in. Note the sheer brilliance of the lake-water in the foreground of the piece. The piercing clarity and careful precision of Nunez’s oil on oil painting transports viewers to these wonderful natural scenes themselves.

The Main Character

There are several features of Reflections that give it its exemplary status. First and foremost is the depth and clarity of the water and the sky. Note how the blue color of the sky is carefully slightly lighter than the blue shine of the water. This is no accident; Nunez intentionally paints the lake water just ever more vividly than the sky. The effect is unmistakable; the focal point of the composition is the water. This observation may be evidenced by the fact that the water takes up nearly half of the painting. Furthermore, note that in the water viewers can find the reflections of that which is on the land, that is the forest. This is all to be corroborated by the title of the painting itself, Reflections. Although the forest and the sky are prominent members of the scene, it is without doubt that the water is the main character of this story. They are merely there to frame the water, and to give it something to reflect. All in all, Reflections is another successful painting by a talented artist, and makes the perfect addition to any home or office.

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