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Painting of Puddles Alla Prima Mural

In this Painting of Puddles Alla Prima, the artist draws the viewer into the serenity of the mountain landscape using color, composition, and placement. It will surely bring the peaceful tranquility of the outdoors into your home or workplace. The painting is about puddles. Much like Monet, the artist here uses the simple peacefulness of forest puddles in order to capture and communicate the harmony of the meadow landscape. Note how the series of puddles occupy the center of the photo. They guide the viewer’s line of sight through the center axis of the piece, starting from the forest foreground and eventually leading into the craggy snow-capped peaks behind. Note, furthermore, how the colors of the puddle play a key role in the synthesis of the painting. They are the sole unifying aspect of the piece. The artist mixes warm and cool colors on the canvas building and delivering the serenity of the meadow and its tranquil puddles. The diversity of the piece culminates in its sole unifying component – the puddles.

The Focus of The Painting

We see a mix of color schemes in this painting of puddles alla prima; the leaves on the trees are a combination of warm maroon and cool turquoise. The sky is a mosaic of warm reds and cooler blues. The branches of the flora add a earthen, organic texture to the overall painting. Yet the unifying component are the puddles. The puddles link the colors of the trees, the leaves, the mountains, and the sky. All seems to be centered around them, which begs the obvious question, why such a focus on the puddles? Surely in such a scene the majesty of the peaks, or the noble stance of the trees ought take precedence over the lowly puddles. And herein lies the metaphorical allure and mystery of the piece. The artist deliberately chooses to focus the meadow scene on the puddles, and in doing so turns what is normally an insignificant earthen phenomenon into the chief character of the painting.

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