Oil Painting by Artist


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Winter’s Warm Day

There are popular perceptions about winter that it is always cold and snowy. However, you can also have some warm winter days where nature bliss mankind with some superior joy and energy. This oil painting by artist “Winter’s Warm Day” depicts the beautiful view of the forest on a sunny, winter day where you can go out and have a perfect day with love, tenderness, warmth and sunshine.


This oil painting by artist Anthony Nunez depicts long trees with no leaves on the branches, situated on the bank of a narrow lake. The presence of sunshine makes the whole environment more magnificent and beautiful with a mix of orange and yellow shades. It is a perfect addition for your home’s living room or your office reception area.

Also, this beautiful painting is available as a print on many things such as wall art, home decors like pillows, lifestyle as bags, stationery, phone cases, apparel, coffee mugs and beach.

This is an oil on canvas painting that has an authentic artistic appeal that will take you to a different world altogether.

I have always believed that Mother Nature has so much to offer to mankind and all my inspirations lie there only. I simply try my best to bring nature on the canvas to beautify it.