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By: Samantha Registrato

Come, peer into the frame of Nostalgia. People say your eyes are a window to your soul; perhaps this is a two-way opening. As you set your gaze on the lush green grass, your entire being will shift. Your soul tiptoes through your window-eyes, and into this scene. You are set into this space—a new place. You smile at the slight breeze. Soft and gentle, though mostly stillness surrounds you. Stillness, in a peace-making sort of way. You breathe in the fresh air of new thoughts, creative vision. You breathe out confined thinking, fear, disappointment. This is a new place, yet your soul-self feels it is familiar. Your thoughts and emotions, the DNA of your soul-self, twist around trying to recall if you’ve been here before. Nostalgia tells you yes; memory says no. Your heart decides instead not to spend more moments waiting for an answer—you feel called further in.

You lift your gaze and wander on. Your bare feet step into memorably soft grass. There is peace in this space. There is vulnerability, and bravery. One strong bird calls to another, they swoop beyond vision; one returns for a moment and hangs in the air, eyes set on you. You feel he wants you to come deeper—you follow.  Clouds of wisdom cast shadow into the space, their blue-white purity a sign they intend only good. The shadows are not for fear, but for protection. The trees in their stately arrangement say nothing, though their presence whispers the clue into your wonderings. This IS your Nostalgia. This is your reset, your reminder. In this space, you have  the freedom to release. You are able to appreciate and draw strength. When you choose strength, you rise. You find new vision. Using this, you return to your body, back through the windows. You keep moving forward.

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