Noahic Covenant Colors


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Noahic Covenant Colors

In Noahic Covenant Colors, artist Anthony Nunez presents viewers with a vibrant forest scene. In it we note a small series of ponds beset by trees on both sides in what appears to be a sparsely vegetated forest. The focal axis point of the piece runs through its center, guiding the readers eyes through the ponds and towards the rainbow in the background. Like with many of Nunez’s works, Noahic Covenant Colors utilizes two themes to achieve its merit. Firstly, Noahic Covenant Colors is at its core a nature scene. It depicts a tranquil forest. Judging by the crimson and red-orange foliage, we are probably in late fall or early winter. This is typical for Nunez. In fact the majority of his works focus on painting natural elements like mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, and meadows. It is this focus on and deep interaction with the natural world that imparts to his work its tranquil and serene nature.

Alla Prima Technique

Secondly, Nunez’s works almost always utilize the alla prima painting technique. Typically, only experts and highly skilled artists employ this highly technical style. In it, artists apply wet layers of paint onto other wet layers of paint in order to produce new shades and tones of color. It is very difficult in that the artist has little time; he or she must apply the next layer of paint before the previous one dries. Despite its technical challenges the effects are astounding. Note how bright the color scheme in Noahic Covenant Colors is. This is particularly evident in the rainbow which buttresses the background; the colors are remarkably vibrant and seem to emerge from the page. We can also note the unique characteristics of the alla prima technique in the grasses. This golden-yellow shine which crowns the tips of the foliage is only achievable through careful employment of alla prima. Indeed, once again, Nunez displays his impressive knowledge of color and composition in producing yet another wonderful artistic work. It is this skill that makes Noahic Covenant Colors the perfect addition to any home or office.

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