Moonlit Morning


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“Moonlit Morning” – An oil painting description:

What a beautiful Moonlit Morning we experience when gazing into the scene of this painting. With the cool air of night still in our bones, the Sun is now rising to bring a new day. In this moment, we still have the full moon above our heads. It lingers to meet the Sun, even if only for a moment before dipping behind the mountains. The Moon knows it’s place in the night yet remains this enchanted morning, boldly waiting for Sun’s presence, to glance on the beauty of its Source.  In this brilliant Moonlit Morning oil painting, we breathe in the hope of a new day while appreciating the darkness we are leaving behind. Icy hues linger, reminding us of the cold quiet we had only just left behind in the darkness.  The white moon in those moments was our faithful guide, to remind us that day would soon come. In this painting, we find rest amongst the serene natural landscape—we are embraced into an oasis of tranquility.

The Day’s Beginning

The Sun is up and thanking the night governor, Moon, before it slips away. Now the day is come. In the golden light, we see the peaceful blues of cool air and clear sky, reflecting on the waters of a river just waking up. There is life flooding the painting through skillful oil layering techniques. Inspired brush strokes breathe like wind, whispering through colorful trees and their branches. The trees stand guard, thanking us for being present, for remembering the power of stillness. The world is preparing for a day of work, present and grounded, growing and existing. Reds, yellows, greens are now visible in the sunshine, whose rays are coming into the scene as a gentle yellow reminder to rise and shine. We stand and watch, with this beautiful morning reminding us to reflect the Sun into the earth. We echo its power just as the Moon shone this purpose so brilliantly. We stand on the ground of soft earth just within the frame of Moonlit Morning, preparing for new day.

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