Marsh Lands


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Marsh Lands Oil Canvas

In Marsh Lands artist Anthony Nunez offers to readers yet another opportunity to experience the serenity of nature. In this piece, we find a peaceful forest meadow beset on both sides by what seem to be rocky cliffs. This ensemble of meadow and cliff is then placed into perspective with a glowing vibrant sunset taking place in the background. Throughout the piece we note small trees and shrubs delicately dotting the landscape. These are further framed with taller more majestic trees which Nunez places upon the cliffs, giving the piece a particular depth and field of view. The tranquility of the natural world takes center stage n this work, much like in many of Anthony Nunez’s other paintings. It is this peaceful tranquility and lush forest green that make Marsh Lands the perfect addition to any home or office.

Technique Performed

The key to Marsh Lands lies in the alla prima painting technique. This technique, also known as wet-on-wet painting, requires that the artist continuously apply layers of wet oil-based paint before the previous layer dries. It is a challenging and difficult technique; the artist must paint quickly and confidently in order to achieve the desired color effects. When executed correctly, the pay-off is considerable. It enables the artist to generate an incredibly wide variety of color tones, depths, and shades largely impossible otherwise. Note, for example, the sheer depth present in the green of the meadow. One can differentiate at least 10-15 different shades of green, ranging from a soft light green to a lush profound one. The advantages of this effect are also clear in the sunset, in which Nunez carefully mixes red, yellow, and blue. Through this mixture he is able to impart to the sunet that wonderful radiant glow of color characteristic of the alla prima oil painting technique. Through Marsh Lands, artist Anthony Nunez has once again produced a painting that will bring the joy of the outdoors in.

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