Payne’s Grey Mystery


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Oil on Canvas Painting

In Payne’s Grey Mystery, oil on canvas, the author utilizes a simplified color scheme to communicate the sensitive undertones of the natural landscape. In contrast to his other paintings, this landscape oil on canvas painting is noticeably simpler and more direct in its use of color for its composition. For example, in the artist’s other works we often see bright greens, oranges, and reds blended together to capture the landscape.

But in this oil painting we note only darker greens and even blacks contrasted with lofty whites. This represents an important facet of the composition; the artist chooses to depict the forage not as green. Rather, he employs a near black allowing the forest to blend in with the darkness of the peaks. Note further that the clouds at points are portrayed with the same black as the peaks. As with most of the artist’s oil on canvas paintings, they are inspired by the raw majestic beauty of the natural world, and Payne’s Grey Mystery is no exception.

The artist dexterously uses the oil colors in their full force to build a powerful scene of contrast in this piece. Indeed, it is the wet-on-wet alla prima painting technique that gives this oil on canvas its allure and technically complex nature. As the name suggests, this painting is about greyness and mystery. The employment and mixing of colors to its mysterious nature. First, the artist breaks typical conventions. Normally, the sky is depicted as blue, mountains are grey or white, and forests are green. Here, these conventions are abandoned. Rather, the mountains, the forests, and the clouds are at times grey, at times black, and at times white. Additionally, the artist’s delicate use of alla prima enables him to create countless shades in between these three colors.This unorthodox utilization of color gives the piece its mysterious allure. The viewer of this oil on canvas painting is thus given no choice but to accept the majesty of the scene in its entirety.

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