Isolated Woodland


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Isolated Woodland Oil on Canvas

In Isolated Woodland, artist Anthony Nunez presents viewers with yet another serene natural scene. This piece departs from Nunez’s usual style, which typically contains carefully crafted perspective and framing. That is, in Nunez’ other works, we usually find a central focal point which is meticulously framed by its surroundings. This is not the case in Isolated Woodland. As opposed to a scene involving a focal waterfall, or a central sunset, Isolated Woodland contains none of these. This leaves the viewer with no natural approach to the painting; there is no sequence nor inherent structure to this piece. The viewer is not viewing a mountain peak, or a twisting river, or an open valley. Rather, viewers find themselves placed in the center of a sparsely vegetated forest floor. This is not at all an accident; Nunez in fact intentionally denies the views the structure and perspective which he has come to expect.


Color Depiction and Detail

Why does Nunez intentionally put forth such a seemingly unorganized piece? The answer may be surprising; Nunez here hopes to force the viewer to focus on two things. First is the detail he has placed into the forest floor. Note the extremely complex color schemes with which Nunez depicts the soil, the wood, and the grass. This careful color scheme affords the piece an impressive textural detail; viewers can almost feel the soil, the bark, the leaves. The delicate manner with which the soil interplays with patches of green is extremely well done. It is not only realistic but it also elegantly captures the serenity and elegance of the natural world. The second thing on which Nunez hopes to draws the viewer’s focus is the sky. Note how incredibly vibrant its blue is. Furthermore note how relatively low the horizon sits in the scene. These, once again, are not accidents. Nunez intentionally presents readers with a lower horizon precisely in order to highlight the brilliance of the sky in Isolated Woodland. All in all, Isolated Woodland is another stunning piece from a highly talented and active artist, and is a perfect addition to any home or office.

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Dimensions 18 × 24 in