Illuminated Forest


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Illuminated Forest Oil Canvas

In Illuminated Forest Oil Canvas, artist Anthony Nunez steps away from his usual style to deliver a truly one of a kind piece. Typically, the artist paints tranquil forest scenes involving cool pacific colors such as green and blue. This is not however the color scheme which we see here. In Illuminated Forest Oil Canvas, Nunez utilizes a brilliant gold to bring the canvas to life. Indeed this scene is nothing less than surreal. Note that such a view would never actually exist in nature. The shining golds and reverberating blacks are supernatural and eye-catching. It is this unreal color scheme that give this painting its allure and its mystery. For example, what appears to be the sky seems to have gold streaks running through it. This muddles the presence of the horizon, leaving the reader unable to discern what is land and what is sky. Furthermore, the artist utilizes an unorthodox lighting scheme in order to amplify this perplexing effect. Note how the central tree along with its immediate surroundings are illuminated, and yet just under it everything is opaque and in shadow. It this surreal color scheme and unique lighting that give to this composition its unmistakable draw.

Alla Prima Technique

The key to these characteristics lies in the alla prima painting technique in which the artist paints using layers of wet oil paint. In this technique, the next layer of oil paint is added before the previous layer of paint is able to dry. Although very difficult to master (the artist must paint quickly) the alla prima technique allows the artist to produce a nearly unlimited number of colors. The effect that we see utilized in this painting, permitting the artist to generate brilliant shades of gold and bronze. For example, note the central island on which the tree sits. The manner in which the light shines upon the golden blades of grass is an excellent example of the capabilities of alla prima. Note furthermore the deep tones present in the water. Such a complex and nuanced mixture of color is only possible through careful use of alla prima. All in all, Illuminated Forest Oil Canvas is another excellent painting from a clearly talented artist.

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