Graceful Spring


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Graceful Spring Oil on Canvas

In Graceful Spring Mural, artist Anthony Nunez presents readers with a green mountain meadow overlooking a lake in springtime. In the background one notes three craggy peaks providing the focal point of the piece. In the foreground the artists presents a grassy lush meadow. The deep green grasses occupy the majority of the piece, providing perspective and framing the composition. Note the profound green tones present here. Many of this artist’s works show a clear connection to the Old Growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. Graceful Spring Mural is no exception. Invariably the artist has drawn inspiration from the deep green subalpine meadows of Oregon and Washington’s Cascade mountains. In the middle ground the artist depicts a graceful natural mountain lake. Note the manner in which the peaks are imprecisely reflected in the lake’s cool waters. This element of surrealism is often found in the artists’ work; it adds to the mystery and allure of the scene. Finally, the mountains in the background provide a focal point upon which the rest of the painting is focused. These three majestic mountains represent the climax of the work; the lake and the meadow serve to frame and situate the peaks.


The Alla Prima Technique

As with many of the author’s other works, this painting demonstrates a mastery of the alla prima or wet-on-wet painting technique. In this technique, the artist applies successive layers of wet oil quickly. This means that no layer of oil is able to dry before the next one is applied. Many famous impressionist and post-impressionist painters such as Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet utilized this style. Despite its technical difficulties, it allows the artist to produce a virtually unlimited number of color combinations and shades. In this painting, one sees a clear mastery of this technique. Note the deep greens of the meadow, the cool blues of the lake, the commanding darks of the mountains, and the airy whites of the sky. This rich and delicate color scheme is an impressive showcase of the alla prima oil painting technique. The artist’s complex understanding of color, coupled with his mastery of alla prima makes Graceful Spring Mural a perfect addition to any home or office.

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