Forest Lake Alla Prima Mural


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Forest Lake Alla Prima Mural

This forest lake alla prima mural, will bring that peaceful forest lakeside tranquility to any bedroom, salon, or dining room. Inspired by the majestic sub-alpine lakes of the old growth pine forests of the Pacific Northwest. The forest lake alla prima mural seeks to capture the calming intersection of mountain, water, and forest. Whether it’s dawn or dusk, the forest lake painting places the viewer at the water’s banks. The crags of the mountain peaks are illuminated in the halo of the sun. We see in the forest water painting a powerful contrast of color; the warm red orange glow of the transitioning day is placed in opposition with the organic deep emerald green of the forest’s trees and the turquoise tones of the lake. The painting’s opposition is mostly clearly evident in the water, in which we see the both the forest as well as the Sun reflected in synergistic harmony.

Depiction of Colors

It’s technical appeal comes from the colors intersecting upon the surface of the water. We see warm reds gently interlaced with cooler blues, bright oranges cautiously juxtaposed with a calmer turquoise. Also worthy of note is the emerald tone itself. Unlike many forest paintings which choose a vibrant, lush green, this piece opts for a more muted and passive emerald in its depiction of the scene, which adds to the overall tranquility of the work that without doubt alludes to the serene depth of the Pacific Northwest’s old growth forests.

Brilliant Touch of White

Finally, the artist’s selective use of white gives to the piece an ephemeral quality; we gaze upon a rare scene that is one of movement and transition and yet one of unchanging permanence. Once again we see the core juxtaposition that defines the painting; the immutable emerald tranquility of the forest placed against the transitioning red-orange glows of the Sun. The author’s delicate use of white in the lake-water’s foam, the leaves on the trees, as well as the slopes of the distant peaks adds to the piece’s ephemeral larger-than-life character. In Emerald Lake Aspect we see an impressive use of color and movement to capture a dynamic intersection of lake, water, mountain, and forest.

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