Enlightened Colors Oil Canvas


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   Enlightened Colors Oil Canvas

In Enlightened Colors oil canvas, the artist carefully employs smooth brush techniques and a precise color scheme to give this scene its peaceful serenity. We note a tranquil lake, delicately captured by soft greens and red, framing the distant mountains in the background. Using the alla prima painting technique, the artist produces the smooth color transitions seen in Enlightened Colors oil canvas. This technique has the artist apply layers of wet oil upon others of wet oil to generate this remarkable color effect. Claude Monet and Rembrandt used the alla prima technique in their impressionist art which requires a talented and quick hand. It’s skillful application here generates the incredible color scheme of the composition. One can easily note Enlightened Colors’ hundreds of shades expertly mixed and seamlessly blended together.


It is this remarkably nuanced color scheme that gives Enlightened Colors its unmistakable allure. Note how precisely the lake’s blue, green, and yellow touches melt into one another. Note furthermore the manner in which the cooler colors of the lake juxtapose with the warmer colors of the sky. These components provide for the piece a certain surrealistic air. For example, the time of day and year of the composition are left open to interpretation. We see deep greens as well as light greens in the forest. We also see a similar mixtures of shades in the sky, and in the lake. Furthermore, the reflections of the forest onto the water are intentionally left imprecise as to engage the viewer’s imagination. Even the variety in the shades of green within the trees serve to produce a certain mystical and majestic effect. Enlightened Colors’s tranquil serene ambience will make the perfect addition to any home or office.

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Dimensions 18 × 24 in