Contemporary Landscape Painting


Contemporary Landscape Painting

Panoramic Greenland

Painting by anunez

Panoramic Greenland is my latest contemporary landscape painting on my canvas painting gallery. All paintings are 100% hand painted and original. No one painting is the same to another. I am self inspired and true to the art of painting, being unique and original is one of the many reasons my art is worth to hang on your living room, bedroom or office wall. Anunez artworks is an online canvas painting gallery of many lanscape scenery. When visiting my gallery it is very noticeable that my artwork consist of landscape views. I enjoy nature and its tranquility. Its peacefulness inspires me to paint beautiful skies, greenlands, and trees of many kind. I paint panoramic views of harmonious landscape and hope to transmit the peace I feel when I create my paintings.

Panoramic Greenland is a landscape painting I composed which consist of a natural blue sky. It gives the viewer an impression of a cool afternoon. The natural rocky wall separates the two lands giving it a significant depth the scenery. As the viewer looks closer into the foreground of the landscape, the view becomes more of a shady area creating a feeling there are more trees causing shade and coolness.