High Above


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Alla Prima Nature Landscapes

Anunez Artworks, a studio of 100% original alla prima nature landscapes, creates pieces that are perfect for your home or office. The alla prima, or wet-on-wet technique, was infamously used by Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet. The technique involves laying wet paint upon wet paint, allowing highly varied color combinations and textures to form on the canvas. Unlike traditional painting, alla prima painters do not wait for the first layer of paint to dry before applying the next. This allow the artist to blend the oils, creating the texture and colors, while also predicting how the oils will interact. The artist Anthony Nunez combines alla prima and his love of tranquility and nature in all of his pieces, including “High Above”.

“High Above” is a view from below a large set of tall trees with a vibrant sky. The rich, warm colors above the tops of the trees accentuate the stature of the trees and limbs. The bright blue sky surrounding the scene displays tranquility. The branches have hundreds of shades of color present in the greenery at the ends. The role of color is essential in Anthony’s natural scenes as it tells the ‘story’ of the piece through the alla prima technique, evoking a wide range of vibrant colors.

Anthony Nunez is a self-taught artist and one of the few specialist alla prima painters in Paterson, New Jersey. He has been painting for over 20 years and incorporates his love of nature in his paintings such as lakes, mountains, rivers, meadows, and valleys. Anthony does not paint from other paintings or photos and uses different mediums such as water and acrylic paints.  All of the paintings are done with oil-based paint and wet-on-wet technique (alla prima) and they are shipped from his studio, Anunez Artworks.