Alla Prima Depiction Water Stream


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Alla Prima Depiction Water Stream

A vision of an Alla Prima Depiction Water Stream making its way to a river during night time. The full moon brightens up the dark midnight sky revealing the floating clouds. The luminescence of the moon exposes dark mountains in the background. Near the brook stands a tree on each side with smaller young trees with no foliage. 

This original painting is also available for printing on posters, greeting cards, wood, metal and more.

* Oil on Canvas
* 20 X 16 in
* Wet-on-wet Technique

All of my paintings I do from the heart. I do not take pictures of any forest or scenery. I get inspired by other paintings artist or nice views at a park or near by area.

Prints of this artwork are also available. Hand towels, bath towels, coffee mugs, t-shirts and many other product available with this image.

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Dimensions 16 × 20 in