Expert Studio Easels (For Professionals)

Expert Studio Easels

Expert Studio EaselsFor the serious artist who paint in large canvases, expert studio easels can make work comfortable and relaxing like painting should be. Professional artists who paint large murals utilize the Abiquiu easel. The easel stands 88″ high when assembled. The Abiquiu easel support canvases measuring up to 120″ high and practically any size in width. Any easel adjusts to any size. Expert studio easels such as the Abiquiu can be set to any tilt or angle.

This Abiquiu easel is made from a double-coated strong solid red oak. It measures 2″ X 5″ and powerful enough to hold any canvas with its sturdy winch.

Many expert studio easels are not mobile, but the Abiquiu easels rests on four robust, front locking wheels which can easily lock the easel in place. The painting tray has an amplitude of 32″ wide. With its convenient shelf, the painter can store brushes, mediums and all sorts of supplies.


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Some assembly might be necessary.


Abiquiu Deluxe (Best Abiquiu Studio Easels)  is an essential double-mast design of the Abiquiu Easel which can handle larger canvases. For the artist who work on large canvases, this specialized easel has a wide stance and more expansive foundation.


Tab Tray is an add-on feature designed for the Abiquiu and Abiquiu Deluxe which is a bottom tray measuring at 50″ and features drawers and a shelf for storing art supplies. The tray can adjust upward or downward which moves with its pulley system.