Adjustable Studio Easel

Convertible Studio Easel (Plein Air Easels by Jullian)Adjustable Studio Easel

The Adjustable Studio Easel also recognized as the “Plein Air Easel” was designed and crafted in 1945 by Roger Jullian. Designed most importantly to be cost-effective, the convertible studio easel still retain its  practicality, attractiveness and continues to be perfect for painting astonishing murals.

The easel is sleek in its design and crafted from refined elmwood. Assemble with brass-plated fittings and parts that lock into place. The Jullian easel is designed for easy height adjustment. The studio easel can hold a 34½” canvas in height and includes a stylish artist plywood palette.

Sitting or standing, use it which ever way. The Plein Air Easel stands at a height of 73″ and can incredibly fold into a 19 3/4″W X 4 1/3″H box!

*** Comes with a carrying bag.

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