2 inch Background Brush (Wet-on-Wet Technique)

2 inch Background Brush (Wet-on-Wet Technique)

For those artists who applies the wet-on-wet technique, the 2 inch background brush was Bob Ross’s well known brush. Similar to the 1″ brush, the 2 inch background brush creates the same effects and can easily cover up large areas in no time.

This special brush is designed to create rapid effects in paintings such as skies, forests and almost any background the artist can think of.

The 2 inch brush has the unique Bob Ross symbol imprinted on its white handle for authenticity. It has a gold color ferrule which help hold the bristle’s in place. Ordinary or synthetic brushes simply does not work for this technique. For they do not create the same natural effects as Bob Ross’s authentic brushes.

Other supported brushes for the wet-on-wet technique are:

*Brushes blender 2 in.

*Brushes fan blender

*Brushes landscape 1 in.

2 inch background brush